[20200525]【タブー解禁】ルーパーの致命的な問題点について/Taboo lifted” fatal problems at looper

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Today’s blog is the 21th lesson about “looper”.

I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

When I talk about looper I add English translation so that more people can read.


The twenty first theme is
“”Taboo lifted” fatal problems at looper”


In the last blog, I talked about “This is real! Tales of the unusual scary story〜PA ver.〜”
Can you guess why houling did not stop?


I have never touched this problem.
Because this is the problem of the looper’s structure itself.
I guess you would not face the problem often if you connect directly to looper.
But plus with microphone, this problem comes out.
This is the root problem.


Let’s get back to the first question.
Do you know why houling did not stop?


The answer is


“Looper records every single sound from the microphone you are connecting, and from the line connection aswell.”


If you try to record “the guitar sound”, a microphone is also connected to while recording the guitar, a reverberation from speakers bounces against the wall and be recorded aswell.
And the same frequency band is going to be recorded again and again.
Then, houling or something hazy would be caused by when exceeds a certain number.


As I explained the last story, the volume of picking up the microphone raised because I set the master volume extremely high.
A reverberation,too.
Also the stage was an open ceiling and the sound echoes well compare to basic stages.
Reverberating a lot, and looper catch it.
It chains and lost control.
This is a cause of trouble the last time I talked to.


The right correspondence was to cut the sounds of frequency band, but sadly he did not have that skill.


But as I said at the beginning, looper has the root of the problem itself.
I can say if the construction of the machine is not like that, a trouble phenomenon hardly happens.
The best ideal is playing looper without processing these problems.


For example, if a function which cuts all the sounds except for an instrument being recorded, one step forward to the way of solution. (I wonder it might cause another problems…)
I think if this function is added, looper can be widen the range of music.


I strongly desire further function improvement.
Dear each manufacturer, please kindly consider this matter.


Next blog, I will talk about
“To cooperate with PA is important for looper.”

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