[Looper Lesson]This is real! Tales of the unusual scary story〜PA ver.

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Hi ! Everyone!
Today’s blog is the 20th lesson about “looper”.
I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

The twentieth theme is
“This is real! Tales of the unusual scary story〜PA ver.〜”

It’s been more than ten years since I started to play looper.
I faced problems so many times and I have been talking about them from my experiences at my blog, I will tell you the most impressive story from the troubles I got damaged.

That was about 4〜5years ago, it just had began autumn with fully remained smell of summer.
I had an opportunity to play looper at an event.
I normally check how the place looks like and think possibility of causing troubles first before I accept the request.
But I had several reasons and I had to accept it even I did not know where it is held, and the day came.

The day.
I was stunned when I arrived at the place.
The place was an open ceiling about to second or third floor. (I will explain the details why I was stunned in the next blog.)
I cursed from bottom of my heart why I did not check before, but I soon changed my mind and I tried to have a contact to a public address system engineer(PA).
But he was on an another player’s stage and I could not have a chance to talk to.
Then my reharsal time came.

“But if the PA is a talented resource, troubles would not happen.”

I prayed so and started to play, howling did not stop.
I tried everything that I could do for it, but it is still going.
Now It’s PA’s time to figure it out.
But it was a circuit event and I did not have enough time to check.
And my reharsal ended without solving the problem.
The PA said to me after that.

“Please set the master volume at 2 o’clock.”

This “2 o’clock” means the way of the short bar of a clock.
I painfully know how it means awful.
Because I basically set the master volume at 10 o’clock, 10 and half at the maximum.
And the PA said 2 o’clock…
I heavily know it is outrageous.

“What do you mean?
It’s gonna be outrageous!!”
I screamed.

“Please set it at 2 o’clock.”
The PA said so and never listened my words even I got the second place at the world looper competition.

“I will not take any responsibility even something outrageous happens.”
I said to the PA after the reharsal and got off from the stage.
And my show time had come.

I am the second in the world of looper.
This is the point audiences were looking for.

My show time was 30 minutes.
And 25 minutes for looper within.

The audiences listened to the howling sound for the first 25 minutes.
And the last 5 minutes, the sound came out properly with my solo.

After my show, the PA walked to me and said
“I’m sorry.”

“Say the word not to me, to the audiences.”
I did not say the words to the PA.
He probably did not understand what it means.

After the experience, I check the places at the first and deside yes or no.
And tell PAs to understand how looper is as much as I can.

This is really a rare case, but I sometimes face against PAs never listen my words and crush by himself.
You might meet with those PAs soon…

This is an awful story related to looper.

You have to be really careful with the places and PAs that you are going to play looper before, otherwise you will annoy the audiences.

Next blog, I will talk about
“”Taboo lifted” fatal problems at looper”