[Looper Lesson]If you connect one machine, which one do you choose?

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Hi ! Everyone!
Today’s blog is the 18th lesson about “looper”.
I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

The eighteenth theme is
“If you connect one machine, which one do you choose?”

I guess that most of you have machines with no-sound effectors within except for like what I am using “BOSS/RC-300 RC-600 or machines with effectors fully within already.


Type with a wide variety of built-in effectors
Type with a wide variety of built-in effectors
Type without built-in effector

If keyboards, it is possible to change the color of sounds by itself, but not for acoustic guitars.

“I am getting used to play looper so I want to put something an another color onto the sound, but multi-effector is heavy and expensive.
Which effector is the best if I choose one of them?”

You might think like that I guess, so I am going to talk about the theme with my experiences.

I chose BOSS/RC-20XL at the first.

This model does not have sound effects except for looping, and I wanted to give the sound something more, I asked many people and considered, and I chose “DELAY” for guitar.

To tell you the truth, this was correct.

This is just in my situation, it might not fit you but, I was thinking that I wanted to use effectors for acoustic sounds, for instance, I did not think and want something dramatic changes like making acoustic sound to electric sound.

If setting something forth as a premise not to break the worldview of the sound and giving a change, “DELAY” was the best choise for me, so I choose “DELAY” if I connect one effector to a looper.


It’s off the subject from now on.

After that, I replaced to use “BOSS/RC-50”.
Through looper japan competition and world competition, I started to use more technical skills like giving sound effect for my voice and like that, but the most important thing is my worldview, I am now mainly using “slicer”, “phaser”, “reverse”, I do not use those something dramatic like making acoustic sound to electric sound.
Others, I often use transposition.

In the world competition video, I used “robot voice” effector, so most of people think that I am using so many sound effectors and so tgey are, but I only use those machines explained up above.
And now, I only use one effector for one song.
If I give you an image that I am using many effectors, it is nothing else but my ability of arrenging.
What I wanted to say is, ideas can make possibilities wider if only with a few effectors.

Of course, to have many choices is a good idea, but it is not an easy story.
The more you have many choices, the more the sound gets wider are not equal.
You can play cool enough music with one effector “DELAY”.

Music is subtraction.

For effectors too.

The right man in the right place.
That is the best.

Uhh… that means you need some sound drawers of effectors, the theme goes to having a multi effector…

Next blog, I will talk about
“How to carry looper.”

Thank you.