[Looper Lesson]The timing of stepping on the recording botton.

For Japanese

Hi ! Everyone!
Today’s blog is the 16th lesson about “looper”.
I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

The sixteenth theme is
“The timing of stepping on the recording botton.”

First of all, this is just my individual opinion and I hope you understand it.

I think the most difficult thing for looper is the timing of stepping on the recording botton.

I guess there is no problems for DJs and human beat boxers, but if so, you need to make a contact to makers because the machine itself has problems.

Let’s get back to the theme.

I have been playing looper for more than 10 years and I am a world ranker.
But I have not been a good friend with the recording button, still impossible to step on it with perfect timing everytime.
I think the highest reason to give up looper is the recording button.

I am so sorry that I can not predicate the way to be a good friend with the recording button I have not still had a good relationship with.
But I am a world ranker.
The one who have kept trying with it.
I am going to explain “How to make right timings of recording.”

I am always recording like
“play the next chord or note after stopping recording.”
This means to connect the separate sounds that I recorded smoothly and would not have troubles easily.
If did not, there might cause a strange space between separately recorded sounds/parts.

If you try many ways and still have problems, mostly it is the timing of stepping on.

There was a machine that had a time lag before.
This conld not be hit a right recording timing.
But I guess most of those machines are fixed, so I hardly think that this problem is not the machine side.

And as I talked before in my blog titled
“This is the looper that you have to choose.”
, a time lag causes up to the shapes of buttons.
This also could be a problem.

To tell you the truth, BOSS/a type of compact effector is the most unfit machine for looper, on the assumption that if you think stepping on the recording button with the right timing.
I think you could change the model to something easier to hit the recording button.

Also, it depends on the situations that you use the machine with sitting or standing.
I think it influences aswell.

For me, it is hard to hit the right timing with sitting.

Those are the possibilities I could imagine.
I hope you to try to improve hitting the timing of recording with referencing above.

The next blog, I will talk about
“barefoot or shoes?”