[Looper Lesson]Important points when an acoustic guitar connects to looper.

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Hi ! Everyone!
Today’s blog is the 15th lesson about “looper”.
I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

The fifteenth theme is
“Important points when an acoustic guitar connects to looper.”

You really need to care when you connect your acoustic guitar to looper.
In many ways, there causes hauling if you did not do anything.
You have to cover a sound hole to solve the matter.

This is a video when I am playing down below,
you can see the sound hole is covered.
The reason is to prevent from hauling.


“K-Yairi” is my main guitar as you can see in the video, so I play looper with it, but this is not a good choice for looper.

This guitar is a full acoustic and I fitted a pick-up after, to tell you the truth, this is not a good combination with looper because I can not control the volume and equalizer.

I really like the sound of this guitar and I am fussy about it.
But if you are not, most of troubles are solved if you use an electric-acoustic guitar with no sound hole I am going to introduce below.


FENDER ( フェンダー ) Acoustasonic Player Telecaster Brushed

A person recommended me this guitar named “ACOUSTASONIC”.
Fender released this and this is just the middle between electric guitar and acoustic guitar.

The design is so cute and I think this is nice for women aswell.

For example, to dub the sounds of acoustic guitar over and over effects the thickness of the sound.
But with this guitar, you can use both electric and acoustic sounds, you can give the sound width and depth.
Further, you can make it double changing the color of sounds with effectors.

This guitar sells for its price if you think something forth as a premise.

I really wanted this if I did not have my main guitar “K-Yairi”.

It is extremely difficult to control the volume for electric-acoustic guitars with looper.

There is a huge differences of sounds between stroking and finger-picking, you need to control by yourself stroking weakly like that.

I recommend electric-acoustic guitars which have volume if you are worrying about it.

Yes, there are some AFTER-FITTED pick-up gears with volume, but I think there is no pick-ups you can touch easily and control the volume while playing.
(Please tell me if I am wrong because I have not searched everything and I apologize if there exists those pick-ups.)

Fender/ACOUSTASONIC has a volume controller and sits the same position as electric guitars.
You can easily control the volume while playing and this is super nice for looper.

You do not really need to choose that I introduced you, but you can play looper easier if you choose similar guitars that I recommended.

Next blog, I will talk about
“The timing of stepping on the recording botton.”