[Looper Lesson]The most interesting thing is to make mistakes!

For Japanese

Hi ! Everyone!
Today’s blog is the 14th lesson about “looper”.

I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

The 14th theme is
“The most interesting thing is to make mistakes!”

I have been writing about looper in many ways.
I sometimes wonder that I run out of ideas, but I still have something to say.
There are so many little cautions when using.

I guess you might wonder that playing looper is too tough to try it.

Truely, there is a thrill like playing music with holding a baby you never know when the baby starts crying.

An error occurs if you practice a lot.
You can not handle with it because it is a machine.

But when someone asks me
“What is attractive for looper?”
I everytime answer
“The most interesting thing is when I made a mistake.”

How to apply those mistakes into an entertainment.

And it is the best part of looper.

Of course, It is a mistake if you did not practice a lot.
But imagine, it turns to be a lovely happening if a baby starts crying at a severe place and you record the baby crying voice and put it in your looper.
It is possible to change into a good way from a bad situation if you have skills.

If you recorded a bad rhythm pattern to looper, it is you to make it to a mistake or a happening, everything depends on me.

We all at a space watch an unexpected happening with breathless interest and cracking up.
This is real.
This is live.
An ultimate entertainment.

I expect a bit to happen those troubles on the other hands.
Of course I get pale at that time.

To use looper has higher risks compare to other machines, but to make mistakes or to be scared for making troubles, you can not find a new side of you and you can not see audiences smiles you have never seen before.

Looper gives you an opportunity to have chance to turn troubles into entertainment.

It is the best thing when play looper, I think.

Looper, that is as if a human-like machine that I can not hate.
The most advanced music expression tool.

An analog machine with full of human traits.

This is the reason that I like and have been playing.

Next blog, I will talk about
“Important points when an acoustic guitar connects to looper.”