[Looper Lesson]It is important to do it with momentum.

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Hi ! Everyone!
Today’s blog is the 10th lesson about “looper”.
I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

The tenth theme is about
“It is important to do it with momentum.”

I have been talking my whole stock of knowledge, but I have experienced a dark history that I made a huge failure at a gig after three days I bought a looper.

It turned to a laugh story and it was a very good experiment for me.

Of course, I have been singing for a long time before starting looper, I was not a beginner.
This was an adventure that I have enough skills to rewind playing music if I could not play looper well.

Looper is an machine, of course, it sometimes does not work well that I expected.
That means errors occur if you used to use looper or not.

I have experienced like nightmares three times on stages in the past.
At those times, looper kept looping and did not stop, I changed to play by myself.

A guitar string might break when on the stage.
It might be happened if you really care and prerare.
It can not be helped because machines are more unstable things than guitars.
So I think just get started is good.

Of course, you have enough skills to get over those kinds of unsuspected happens, but if you do not, I think audiences will feel your passion and spirit, do not hesitate and try somehow.
On the other hand, there are unacceptable stages, of course, and audiences might get bored and turn around if you play long.
Let’s try to your limit with cousidering TPO.

One thing that I can say is
“People who are trying new things is so beautiful of whole times.”

Next blog, I will talk about
“What exactly knowledges are needing for looper.”

Please check the next blog coming up.