[Looper Lesson]How to get better your playing skills with using looper

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Hi ! Everyone!
Today’s blog is the 5th lesson about “looper”.
I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

The fifth theme is about
「How to get better your playing skills with using looper.」

I’m playing looper as live performances, but it’s not only for gigs, but also basing up your basics of performance skills.

I guess some of you are laying out a goal to performing looper at gigs, but it’s a lot difficult if you didn’t have enough basic skills.

Why it’s difficult is because looper records everything like bad rhythm or bad pitches.
At live performances, everyone at the place has to listen to it forever until you stop it.
You can imagine it’s worthless to listen to it, right?
Of course it’s coming true until you make a first step to play looper, but before that, you need to get your basic skills higher and it’s very important for playing looper.

And today’s topic is about

「Let’s make your basic skills higher with using looper!」

These are the most important things and they are not only looper performances, but also music performances,

・Get better to your rhythm.
・Get better to your pitches.

If you make them, it sounds good.

「What do you mean about good rhythm?」
「How can I get good pitches?」

But these problems are not main stream of this conversation and need a lot of time to explain I don’t touch it much.

For example, a major method for getting good rhythm is “practice with using metronome.”
This is very important but you can’t listen immediately like a mirror.

To listen to your play means to face to your problems.
It’s the same as shaping your body with checking with a mirror and one of ways to get better to your skills.

Keep trying and recording with looper again and again until you feel comfortable with rhythm and harmony.
And you will get extremely better.
It’s the shortest way for getting better.

It’s really simple and overwhelming!!
Please try that.

I’ve also been practicing some more, I showed you today is level 1.
I try not to speak about what I do in public because most of people were off-putting!
If someone “masochist” , why don’t you ask me!!

Next blog, I’ll talk about 「This is the looper you have to choose!!」

Please check the next blog coming up.