[Looper Lesson]who wants to start to play looper, and who gave up playing looper.

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Hi ! Everyone!
Today’s blog is the 4th lesson about “looper”.
I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

The fourth theme is about 「who wants to start to play looper, and who gave up playing looper.」

I talked about 「a type who to fit playing looper」, I guess almost of people came here to find out how to start to play looper or once gave up playing looper but wanna try again.

I also often hear from my friend’s musicians that they gave up or how.
so, before trying, I’m telling you whether it fits you or not in my point of view.

This is my thinking.
An image of looper is “player spirit” that you might think, but I think “producing spirit” is better for playing looper.
If I say in Orchestra, a conductor, a leader.

But in looper, in other hands, it’s not only commanding but also playing, that means ” hybrid musician” is the best for playing looper.

Because a song and playing would collapse if you didn’t have birds eyes and dog ears and sharp brain to see the best balance of whole song even if you had a great abilities of playing instruments and arrenging.

In sports, it is similar to triathlon.

This kind of person is pretty rare.
That’s why many people give up to play looper.

But now you know “hybrid style” is good for playing looper, you just go for it.
Why don’t you start with-

・Learn many genres of music.
・Get your physical performance higher and exercise in having good ears.
(Means practice harder the basic of an instrument you are playing.)
・Practice to analyze songs and see whole playing from beside.

Next blog, I’ll talk about 「How to get better your playing skills with using looper.」

Please check the next blog coming up.