[Looper Lesson]Looper will fit those people who are very masochistic.

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Hi ! Everyone!
Today’s blog is the 3rd lesson about “looper”.

I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

The third theme is about
「Looper will fit those people who are very masochistic.」

First of all, I ask you a question.

Are you sadist?
Or are you masochist?

I will accept all criticism.
I’m quite sure that almost of musicians in this world are 「masochists」.

Because we start to accept something from others when we play music.
If someone is really sadistic, he or she can not afford it.

Looper would be suited for masochists.
That is because a musician has to deeply accept more than playing normally.

For example, it is similer that someone lives in a mirror room, he or she is not confident on his/her looking, and looper means to duplicate sounds playing or singing by yourself, you have to concider so deeply with your sounds.
You won’t be better if you didn’t accept that.

So, that means great looper performer is a super masochist.

「M」 means a person is a man of calibre to accept most of things except myself.
A good listener.
Trying to catch and understand what others say.
「M」can be strict for his/herself and grow up.
These things show that those people are good for playing music.

It’s not scientifically proved but those people can listen deeply.
I think I can say that those people are good for being musicians that is because they could get sharp ears with high probability.

Especially, people who can strict very much for themselves will fit playing looper.

I think I am a very masochist!!
Let’s try who to think that I am a very masochist.

Next blog, I’ll talk about 「who wants to start to play looper, and who gave up playing looper.」

Please check the next blog coming up.