[Looper Lesson]Don’t care much about LOOPER

For Japanese

Hi ! Everyone!
Today’s blog is the second lesson about “looper”.
I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

The second theme is about 「Don’t care much about LOOPER」.

I’m a looper champion in Japan and got the second position in the world.
You might wonder if I say 「don’t care much about looper」.
But it really is.

I guess that everyone who’s reading this blog is musician and has interest in looper.

For example, if I ask you 「 why do you want to play looper?」
What would you answer?

I guess no one answers like 「I was born to play looper」.

I was NOT born to play looper even I’m a world ranker.
I have never thought so.

I just want to play music.

Looper is just a way of expressions to show my world of music and it fits me so far.
I don’t play looper if my image of world of music is out of position.
That’s all.

I guess most of you reading this blog are the same as my thought.
You are interested in looper is because looper could express my feelings and emtions while struggling against finding my style of music.
I think so.

Nevertheless, those thoughts might be reversed because looper is too atractive.

「You can get better when using looper rather than not using it.」
「You can skip basic practices if you use looper.」

Unfortunately, this thought is wrong.
Or rather, looper bares your true skills.

If you have enough skills for playing music, looper helps you to play better, if you make light of music basics, looper does not help you.

Looper surely has a lot of attractive functions.
Therefore, you need to think 「I don’t care much about looper」 when you use it.
Looper can steal away of your mind and identity because of its excellent functions.

Looper is just a tool.
Looper will turn to your side when you put your thought of 「How much I love music」.

I’ m always considering with looper because 「belief」 and 「will」 are so important.

Next theme is 「Looper will fit those people who are very masochistic」.

Please check the next blog coming up.

Thank you.