[Looper Lesson] What is a looper ?

For Japanese

Hi ! Everyone!
Today’s blog is the first lesson about “looper”.
I’ll be so happy if more people read this blog so they can enjoy music more.

As the first time I’m explaining “What is a looper ?”

As you’re reading this I suppose you know I’m a Japanese female singer sons writer and Japanese looper champion and second place in the world ranking or find this by just searching “looper”.
Here’s a movie when I became a world ranker.

There’re some people telling me that I’m a pioneer looper artist of japan and this makes me so happy !
To respond with those support I’m practicing everyday.

Some of you probably don’t know what a looper is so for the basic information I’ll try to explain it as easy as I can.

If you are not familiar with playing music you might think the looper is a music instrument but the looper is a kind of effectors.

May be you’ve seen while a guitarist plays on stage sometimes stepping on something. That’s the effecter and the looper is on of those.

The founder of looper is Jaco Pastorius the regendary bassist.

After time passed the looper became well known by very famous artist Ed Sheehan from England.

Now the looper is a common effecter used by musicians.

Ed Sheehan plays a looper.

So what kind of play can a looper do ?

To make it simple, it is a effecter which records what you play and plays it again right away.

For example when you recorded “A”, then it plays “A” “A” “A”, mankind looping sound and therefore it named “looper”.

It can’t just record one sound “A” but can overdubbing so can record same “A” at different tone and make it harmonize.

It may sound complicated but basically it just does 3 things, recording, replaying, overdubbing so the operation is quiet simple.

By making more complicated combination can make a person performing a orchestra like I introduce before.

In next blog I’ll talk about “I don’t care much about looper”
Why a person who got the second position in the world ranking is telling you this ? Please check the next blog coming up.